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Auroch Digital

Brand: Auroch Digital Model: DAFUBLREST-PC
"All of the stuff that I feel makes a great car combat sequence that Mad Max does so well ... this is that, in a strategy game. I heartily recommend" - Tom Chick, Quarter to Three "If Speed Racer (the cartoon) had a baby with Death Race (the Roger Corman versions) and it ended up in a Mad Max futur..
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Brand: Auroch Digital Model: OG-PC
"A crowd-pleaser for the long-time faithful" - Rock, Paper, Shotgun "Words will not suffice when it comes to me describing how much I loved getting down and dirty playing Ogre" - Digitally Downloaded "A faithful re-engineering of a venerable classic" - Gaming Nexus "This is probably the cheapest, fa..
Ex Tax:114.95Lei
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