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Brand: Phosphor Studios LLC Model: COOFDI-PC
Hey you, reading this game description…what has your life become? What have you chosen to do with your precious, limited time? What have your gained from it? And what impact have your choices had on the people in your life that love you? CORPSE OF DISCOVERY You wake up on a base in a new, unexplore..
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Brand: Phosphor Studios LLC Model: WA40DASQFLED-PC
Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron - Flyboyz Edition. Blazing, Ork aerial combat waged across 41st millennium battlefields. Dakka Squadron is a fast-paced, aerial shooter where you are an Ork Flyboy, taking to the skies to do what Orks do best - fight! Fly across alien worlds, against insane odds, ..
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