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Brand: Frontier Developments Model: ST-PC
Struggling is a physics-based co-op platformer with a twisted spin on teamwork. Control the arms of a squishy abomination and guide it through a deranged world where anything goes. Outrun ravenous rats, joyride a dirt bike, and vault over pools of unmentionable waste. One thing’s certain: you will s..
Ex Tax:64.95Lei
Brand: Konami (EU) Model: SUBOR2-PC
The latest title of the party battle games series SUPER BOMBERMAN R! With new adventures and game modes, it has the largest content volume in the series' history! The game features not only offline battles that can be played with family and friends, but also online battles that connect players from ..
Ex Tax:249.95Lei
Brand: PQube Limited Model: SUSH-PC
Join man and goat in this chaotic, award-winning couch-co-op adventure! Tackle outlandish obstacle courses, complete rewarding challenges and dodge deadly obstacles in a hectic race to the checkout! Packed with a frantic 38 stage campaign and 3 hilariously fun PvP party modes for 2-8 players. Screa..
Ex Tax:83.85Lei
Brand: Microids Model: THCAFITHSEATLONE-PC
Hidden away in the serene Scottish countryside above Loch Ness, sits Devil's Ridge Manor. But the tranquility of the estate is an illusion- spooky ghosts and supernatural phenomena have invaded this once peaceful home. At the request of the famous physicist and owner of the manor Allister MacFarley,..
Ex Tax:14.95Lei
Brand: Kepler Interactive Model: THRELA-PC
The Red Lantern is a narrative, dog-sledding game about survival. You play as the Musher as she makes the rash decision to start a new life in Alaska. Along with her best friend Chomper, she assembles a dog sledding team and embarks on a journey to find her new home. Unfortunately, she isn’t quite p..
Ex Tax:104.95Lei
Brand: Microids Model: THSIPAOFTHYE-PC
It all begins when Wendy decides to throw an end-of-year party at home with her friends. Before she gets a chance to ask her parents, her unbearable little sister Maureen steals her idea and asks their parents first. Unfortunately, the parents will allow only one party! Maureen and Wendy start a se..
Ex Tax:149.95Lei
The Sisters 2 - Road to Fame
Brand: Microids Model: THSI2ROTOFA-PC
The story begins when you and your favorite sister are gifted a tablet to reward your good grades Your sister immediately creates an account on a trendy social network, not only to share her adventures with her best friends, but also for something else As your beloved yet mischievous sister, she wan..
Ex Tax:149.95Lei
Brand: Team 17 Model: THSU-PC
*A World of Adventure and Possibilities * The island is alive! Your newfound home will change with day/night cycles as you explore and uncover its secrets. Hunt (or be hunted by!) animals for food and an array of mythical enemies, who aren’t necessarily pleased to see you. Get quests from a Mysterio..
Ex Tax:124.95Lei
Brand: Team 17 Model: THSUDEED-PC
A living world full of surprises, secrets and danger awaits in The Survivalists, an adventure-filled survival sandbox set in The Escapists universe. Explore, build, craft and even train monkeys with up to three friends in a desperate bid to survive. Be prepared for your trek into the unknown and pac..
Ex Tax:164.95Lei
Brand: Microids Model: THTHMUDTH12JE-PC
D'Artagnan leaves his native Gascony to join the Royal Guard of the musketeers in Paris! The journey promises to be eventful for this young and impetuous adventurer. Along the way he meets Athos, Porthos and Aramis, musketeers of King Louis XIII. United by strength, these 4 protagonists set out toge..
Ex Tax:9.95Lei
Brand: GmbH Model: THWO-PC
When this “wolf pack” strikes, you hear the thunder roll. The Thunder Wolves attack from the air. They are mercenaries, and the best helicopter pilots in the world. Every one of them is ready for action at all times—and ready to fight evil, wherever it lurks. The Thunder Wolves have already made i..
Ex Tax:49.95Lei
Brand: Microids Model: TIMEPA-PC
TITEUF MEGA PARTY Tootuff is back for more than 40 challenges, all of them crazier than ever! The day before school started back, Tootuff heard that it was possible to clone sheep by selecting the very best specimens. Terrified about the idea of being infinitely duplicated, Tootuff shares his conce..
Ex Tax:149.95Lei
Brand: tinyBuild LLC Model: TOREDESE-PC
Buckle up your back brace and fire up the delivery truck, it's time to deliver! Join up to four friends to play in this ragdoll physics simulation about terrible package delivery couriers. Work together using odd machinery, useful gadgets, and the wonders of physics to reliably deliver packages to t..
Ex Tax:73.95Lei
Brand: tinyBuild LLC Model: TOREDESECY-PC
When futuristic tech meets bass pumping funk music...Cyberfunk is the future of package delivery! Cyberfunk includes huge new floating islands to explore, new unique deliveries to complete, new methods of transportation, and funky music to boogey down to!..
Ex Tax:24.95Lei
Brand: tinyBuild LLC Model: TOREDESEDRCO-PC
Dress Code includes over 80 new cosmetics to choose from so you're looking fresh, funky, or freaky! Stay fashionable with new shirts, pants, hats, hair, lips, and so much more!..
Ex Tax:14.95Lei
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