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Brand: Systemic Reaction Model: GEZEBASUPA-PC
As you continue to successfully fend off countless machine attacks, the Resistance has once again been inspired to create new structures and decorations to upgrade your base with. Whether you decide to fortify your base or simply add a personal touch to it is up to you, but with this pack, you shoul..
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Brand: Systemic Reaction Model: GEZEFNRI-PC
ABOUT THIS CONTENT The struggle for survival continues as the year 1989 draws to a close. Hope for finding the missing population has started to dwindle, as you and your friends continue to do your best to stay away from the invading machines and scour abandoned buildings for weapons and equipment...
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Brand: Systemic Reaction Model: GEZEREWEPA-PC
When times get tough, tenacious Resistance fighters need to find more creative ways to keep their armory stocked with effective weapons. With less ammo around, the Resistance of Östertörn have started building their own weapons to keep fighting the machine invasion. Despite their more makeshift natu..
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Brand: Systemic Reaction Model: GEZESCVAPA-PC
ABOUT THIS CONTENT The summer warmth has finally reached Sweden, and it’s time to celebrate Midsummer with some schweet new outfits from the 1980s. Mix between the various articles from four stylish new sets, each with a unique combination of accessories, clothing and hairstyles. Express your excit..
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Brand: Systemic Reaction Model: GEZESOWEPA-PC
ABOUT THIS CONTENT The Östertörn survivors are no longer the only ones fighting the war against FNIX. Soviet soldiers in small and specialized forces have been seen in the northern regions using moveable defenses to set up temporary camps. They seem to be fighting the machines, but does that make t..
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Brand: Systemic Reaction Model: GEZETAEQPA-PC
The Resistance fighters have gotten craftier with their combat techniques, trying out both established and improvised equipment for battle purposes. This particular batch brings both explosive and defensive elements to the battle and can be crafted using materials collected across Östertörn. Additio..
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Brand: Systemic Reaction Model: GEZEUSWEPA-PC
ABOUT THIS CONTENT Since the fateful day of the "Cataclysm", NATO and the USSR have each been closely monitoring the situation in Sweden, raising their preparedness levels and weighing options. When proof was obtained that there were survivors hiding in multiple locations in Östertörn, resolution ..
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Brand: Systemic Reaction Model: GEZEUSWEPA2-PC
While the survivors of Östertörn have already managed to scavenge some US and Soviet weapons, NATO has decided it’s time to broaden the arsenal even further, dropping another shipment of American weapons across the Resistance controlled territories. While this is still not enough to stave off the ma..
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New Disabled
Brand: Microids Model: GE-PC
GEVAUDAN is a first-person horror game. Alone against an enemy as deadly as it is terrifying, your nerves are put to a severe test as you try to make your way through the forest before the beast finds you. You cannot afford to make a single mistake. The Game The Beast of Gévaudan... The monster that..
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Brand: 505 Games Model: GHPR-PC
Dive into the brutal and violent story of Hel, the Ghostrunner boss, in the upcoming DLC, Project_Hel. Fight your way through Dharma Tower to crush the Climbers' rebellion. Beat new levels, defeat new bosses, experience a brand-new story, and play as a new brutal character. Remember, if it moves, it..
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Brand: 505 Games Model: GHCOED-PC
Ghostrunner®: Complete Edition is the ultimate Ghostrunner experience and includes the critically acclaimed Ghostrunner, Project _Hel expansion as well as the Neon, Winter, Halloween, and Metal OX cosmetic packs. Become an unmatched killing machine in Ghostrunner®, a challenging but rewarding first..
Ex Tax:199.95Lei
Brand: Annapurna Games Model: GO-PC
Winner of Debut Game at the 2018 BAFTA Games Awards, as well as Best Mobile Game and the Innovation Award at the GDC 2018 Choice Awards, Gorogoa is an elegant evolution of the puzzle genre, told through a beautifully hand-drawn story designed and illustrated by Jason Roberts. UNIQUELY IMAGINATIVE P..
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Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands
Brand: Microids Model: GRMOADWO-PC
Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands lets you explore freely and at your pace entire ski resorts and the surrounding mountains. Unlock ski lifts and reach new areas by competing in challenges, or enjoy the scenery while you find your own path down the mountains. Fancy having fun with your friends? ..
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Brand: tinyBuild LLC Model: GRKE-PC
Ex Tax:83.95Lei
Brand: tinyBuild LLC Model: GRKEBESASO-PC
- 6-12 hours of extra gameplay - Manage your workbenches directly from the map with the remote craft control - Save souls for the sake of The Ancient Contract (and your own profit) - Help to fulfill the dream of your new shady friend - Euric - Discover a new area for all the new workbenches No on..
Ex Tax:39.95Lei
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