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This sequel to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow reveals the story of the Belmonts as they battle destiny across generations to discover their true fate. Trevor Belmont, knight of the Brotherhood of Light, embarks on an epic quest to avenge his mother who was killed by his father Gabriel. Gabriel, now ..
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Brand: Konami (EU) Model: CALOOFSHULEDE-PC
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Ultimate Edition is the complete edition of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, a dark and vivid new re-imagining of the Castlevania mythology. It is the end of days and ungodly powers isolate the Earth. The world's alliance with the heavens has been threatened by a dark and..
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Brand: PQube Limited Model: CAQUII-PC
CAT QUEST II is a 2D open-world action-RPG set in a fantasy realm of cats and dogs. Under threat from a continuing war between the cats of Felingard and the advancing dogs of the Lupus Empire, CAT QUEST II tells the tail of two kings, brought together against their will, on a journey of paw-some dis..
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Brand: GmbH Model: CHPO-PC
Chicken Police - Paint it RED! is a narrative-driven noir adventure with a complex interrogation system and mystery-solving detective gameplay. KEY FEATURES: A thrilling, rich storyline with a classic film-noir twist Professional voiceover with more than 8 hours of spoken dialogue! A carefully cra..
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ABOUT THIS GAME Inside a hidden vault sits a mysterious object that has been sought after for centuries! Chelsea Connor, a bold and intelligent American journalist discovers the compelling evidence suggesting that the vault may contain the answers behind the mysterious death of her father 20 years ..
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ABOUT THIS GAME American Journalist Uncovers Mysterious Plot in Africa! With smarts, intelligence, and a zest for adventure, young American journalist Chelsea Connor decides to explore the mysterious circumstances surrounding her father’s death. Her father, an experienced treasure hunter, never ret..
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When knowledge becomes lethal Find the legendary Tree of Life, which grants immortality to whoever tastes it’s fruits. Your search will lead you across the channels of Venice, through the dark alleys of Cairo and further into the unknown. Chased by ruthless assassins, you will have to solve ancien..
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Brand: CI Games Model: CHOFMYTHSCRI-PC
ABOUT THIS GAME Uncover the darkest secret of humanity! Young archeologist Sylvie Leroux accidentally stumbles upon an ancient secret. What she doesn't realize is that her research will put her in deadly peril. Who wants to prevent her from finishing her research? Are mere humans standing in her way..
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Brand: Astragon Entertainment GmbH Model: COGU-PC
Experience the extraordinary life of coast guard officer Finn Asdair in COAST GUARD. Life at sea is fraught with adversity and danger. Take on responsibility under the motto "Honor - Respect - Duty" and pursue dangerous criminals on the wide open sea. Recover decisive evidence, rescue people from b..
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Brand: 505 Games Model: COULED-PC
Control Ultimate Edition contains the main game and all previously released Expansions (""The Foundation"" and ""AWE"") in one great value package. A corruptive presence has invaded the Federal Bureau of Control…Only you have the power to stop it. The world is now your weapon in an epic fight to a..
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Brand: 505 Games Model: COEX1TFO-PC
The Foundation Expansion includes new story content and side missions as well as new weapons and mods inspired by the Oldest House's mysterious origins. The Astral Plane is colliding with our reality. Jesse Faden, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Control, must travel through the caverns of the..
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Brand: 505 Games Model: COEX2A-PC
The Bureau studied its most dangerous Altered World Events in this lost sector. The records were sealed, the objects contained, and their powers abandoned. Now, the sector is breached and the objects are loose… AWE brings new story content and side missions as well as new weapons and mods to the wo..
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Brand: Phosphor Studios LLC Model: COOFDI-PC
Hey you, reading this game description…what has your life become? What have you chosen to do with your precious, limited time? What have your gained from it? And what impact have your choices had on the people in your life that love you? CORPSE OF DISCOVERY You wake up on a base in a new, unexplore..
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Curse: The Eye of Isis
Brand: Microids Model: CUTHEYOFIS-PC
Strange things are happening at Great Britain’s museum of natural history in 1890. A gang of ruthless thugs has broken into the establishment, the Eye of Isis Egyptian statue has been stolen, and a mysterious fog has overtaken a number of areas of the museum killing and transforming all it comes int..
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Brand: Auroch Digital Model: DAFUBLREST-PC
"All of the stuff that I feel makes a great car combat sequence that Mad Max does so well ... this is that, in a strategy game. I heartily recommend" - Tom Chick, Quarter to Three "If Speed Racer (the cartoon) had a baby with Death Race (the Roger Corman versions) and it ended up in a Mad Max futur..
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